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WANT WRITING STYLE HELP? Microsoft COMPLETELY REBUILT their Office grammar engine two years ago. However, it's OFF BY DEFAULT. Here's how to get extensive, free writing style assistance in Outlook 2016 and Word 2016:

File > Options > Editor Options > Proofing > Writing Style.

The Green New Deal is inspiring because it puts economic and social justice at centre of fight against climate change. This week's @CheerfulPodcast talks to @AnnPettifor one of its originators & @zackexley who is working with @AOC to make it happen in US.

17/ This is an app to help you "Keep your little ones safe.”

So, it has EIGHT embedded trackers in the SDK and can also read your contacts.

Trackers inc: Google Ads, Google Doubleclick, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Tune (adverting), Weborama (advertising) ..


Y'all do not get to ignore scientists for 40 years - scientists who have written papers, reports, blogs; testified to govt, schools, churches; marched and protested; made films; had their families threatened, been stalked and harassed - and then say we did not speak enough.

Great initiative @NicciDaly22 We also need more female #motorsport #engineers

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