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How to reduce stress:

1 remove sense of entitlement
2 exercise daily
3 drink more water
4 read and write more
5 give without expecting a get
6 be a better friend
7 quality time with family
8 don’t respond to negativity
9 random acts of kindness
10 adequate sleep #SundayMorning

#ICYMI Would You Pay a Random Website 99 Cents to Find Out Who Else Paid It 99 Cents?

Chris o dowd legless on the last leg , nothing like trying to fit in with the hosts #TheLastLeg

Our options, a recap:

Disruptive climate action now, then decades of responding to climate impacts and instability.

A decade of predatory delay, then disruptive action AND climate catastrophe.

Greater delay, then emergency climate action in a context of tragic planetary chaos.

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