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We have a backlog of 20 minute talks but almost no 5 minutes talks lined-up.

Fancy speaking at our June 7th event or a future one? Just submit your idea here:

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The Open Mindedness and Logical Fallacy

My morning so far…
– Woke up before my alarm at 5am
– Banged my knee real hard leaving the house
– Turned on Slack to see a P1 incident at work

All before 7am 😔

Wishing you a somewhat better start to your day.

Found this, while walking my dog Nigel, on the beach of Hook of Holland this morning. #Brexit

I really hope that the quality of acting will rise above B-Movie in #StargateOrigins. It’s cringeworthy watching the first three episodes 😳

Not sure the premise works either. It all feels … half baked IMO 😢

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