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Author: Axel Segebrecht


Once upon a time you’d see me clutching my trusty Filofax in one hand and cappuccino in the other. Today, not much has changed and the Filofax has been replaced by my iPhone 7plus and the cappuccino has become a cup of tea. Mobile first I live on my phone first and MacBook Air second, with the old Windows games / workstation a distant third. Why would I prefer a comparatively tiny touch screen to a massive one and physical keyboard? Simple, because it’s always where I need it and ready to accept input or connect me to other...

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Reading Oliver’sadvertorial(?) review of’s online reputation service, I could’t help but wonder how my score would turn out. I refrain from swearing and am somewhat conscious of what I put in the public view. Let’s see what their algorithms and machine learning tool makes of my behaviour. Brand yourself happy connects to your Facebook and Twitter (needs your permission first) and does a general sweep of Google’s first three pages for your name to see what surfaces. It then asks you to rate the entries on Google about yourself by asking if it is positive, negative or...

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We have a backlog of 20 minute talks but almost no 5 minutes talks lined-up.

Fancy speaking at our June 7th event or a future one? Just submit your idea here:

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The Open Mindedness and Logical Fallacy

My morning so far…
– Woke up before my alarm at 5am
– Banged my knee real hard leaving the house
– Turned on Slack to see a P1 incident at work

All before 7am 😔

Wishing you a somewhat better start to your day.

Found this, while walking my dog Nigel, on the beach of Hook of Holland this morning. #Brexit

I really hope that the quality of acting will rise above B-Movie in #StargateOrigins. It’s cringeworthy watching the first three episodes 😳

Not sure the premise works either. It all feels … half baked IMO 😢

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